Art at Home

Would you like to enjoy an original artwork at home? At Heden - Denneweg 14 The Hague - you can  rent art for a small monthly fee (see below). 

Select a work from our large collection and make a reseverion. We will contact you when the work is available in our gallery. Visit the gallery and take it home right away, or have it delivered. To register as a member you need a valid ID card and proof of address. The artworks are for rent at the going rates per work. It is also possible to build up a savings balance. This is an installment plan to acquire a certain artwork from the collection of Heden. You pay 4% of the value of the work each month. In this case you are not renting but your monthly fee will be deposited into your account. 

Monthly rates per January 1st 2016

Artwork up to 1.000,-     Rent p.m.: 8,75
Artwork up to 2.000,-     Rent p.m.: 14,-
Artwork from 2.000,-      Rent p.m.: 1% value artwork with a maximum rent of 40,-
Purchase credit  Investment p.m.: 4% value artwork

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