‘Waringin', Marc Philip van Kempen opens on Friday, March 15 at 17:00. From April to June 2012 Marc worked at the invitation of Heden in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in Cemeti Art House. In these three months Marc immersed himself in the exoticism that he found. Not so much the exoticism that the tourist experiences as he walks around in another country, but the exoticism which nestles in subcultures in Indonesia and the Indonesians. ‘That was actually very liberating. I found it extraordinary to see how carefree and open the Indonesian artists like to grasp and blend global pop culture and western art with their more traditional religious and cultural products. " The seed of the Waringin (known to us as ‘ficus benjamina') can nest in the folds of another tree and germinate there. Over time, it will let the roots down through the air. These roots quickly form a dense network that asfixiates the host. As a result, a hollow, three dimensional negative of the host may occur in the center of the Waringin. At Heden Van Kempen shows a sculpture and some photos he has made ​​in Indonesia following installations that he has developed.