On Thursday 29 March at 20:00 Navid Nuur spoke about an artwork that Heden recently acquired for its collection. Together with several other works by Navid Nuur, which will provide context for this work, this great little artwork was introduced. Navid explained the content and use of this very democratic artwork that is both unique and reproducible, and that will feel at home in every house . This artwork is for every art lover to obtain for a small fee at Heden. It is an artwork that you may install on any desired location in your home. At any desired surface. Permanent. Irresistible. This spontaneous interlude is on show after the introduction evening until Sunday, April 1. Will you be there? Confirm your arrival: info [at] heden.nl (info[at]heden[dot]nl) More info on Navid Nuur can be found on his website.