Curator MOMA over Lisa van Casand

23 september 2017

Katerina Stathopoulou, curator fotografie bij het MoMa (Musuem of Modern Art) in New York schreef een vlammend juryrapport over het werk van Lisa van Casand. 

Winning photographer: Lisa van Casand

I was immediately pulled towards Lisa’s image. It’s beautifully structured, and the vivid reds and oranges of the leaf tips are foreign and striking. It’s a tactile, physical image and my first thought was that the fiery colors were heat prints left from human touch – a comment on our heavy-handed relationship with nature. I feel like it plays with the long and familiar tradition of still life photography (and painting) of plants and flowers, but with a bold and contemporary spin.

From reading the statement, I understand that it’s the result of stressing the plant with external elements (drought, hot water, chlorine…) and then capturing the infrared energy released, normally imperceptible to the human eye. It’s a considered way of depicting that fragility – how our actions as humans can damage our environment in ways that are often invisible. Warning signs hidden and so easy to overlook. There’s a subtle irony at play too – how that damage manifests itself in something so beautiful.

It’s an experimental image, borne of investigation and process, and that’s to be admired.

Lisa is de winnaar van de Heden Startprijs 2017 (powered by GMW advocaten)

Bekijk hier het werk van Lisa.

Link naar Life Framer.